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Read My Lips – Lipdub University


It all started in 2008 when six students at the Furtwangen University in Germany had a great idea.  They proposed to create a “lipdub” -trying to lipsynch to a pop song while it plays in the background- and show different parts of their university’s campus in only one take.

This concept, which now has been dubbed Lipdub University, exploded on the internet and now there are more than 40 different universities participating around the world.  The University of Alberta in Canada, Bucks New University in the UK, and Boston University in the United States are just a few examples of schools that have already made their own videos.

The production of the video can be problematic from a technical point of view and with the amount of people involved.  It is not difficult to imagine that one might be embarassed to participate, even though looking at it objectively, the video has various benefits: first, it is good for the school in terms of promotion and free advertising; secondly, it is a fun way for students involved to get to know each other better.

The following is the original video created by those six German students:

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