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Skype in the Classroom



Skype has over 560 million registered users that are active in almost every country on the planet. Lots of people use Skype everyday, chatting or video chatting with friends and family. Skype has recently become popular among educators who are using it in the classroom in many innovative ways. It is a free and easy way for teachers to open up their students to a world way beyond their school. With Skype, students can learn from other students, connect with other cultures, and expand their knowledge in innovative ways.

Here we list some creative ideas of how to use Skype in your classroom:

  • Videoconferencing in the Classroom -  Utilising experts, authors, and guest instructors who would never otherwise be able to visit the school.
  • Virtual Field Trips – Using video chatting to bring the field trip into the classroom – for example, visiting a TV production site guided by one of the student´s parents who works there, which includes all students despite budgetary or distance constraints.
  • Foreign Language Learning and Cultural Exchange – Teachers use Skype to connect local students with native speaking students from other countires.
  • After School Help – Tutors and teachers can provide after school help to students needing extra attention via Skype.
  • Student Inclusion - Helping an ill classmate join the classroom from home.
  • Foreign Culture Lessons – Skype allows students to see in real-time what people’s lives, homes, schools, weather, and more look like in other countries.
  • Volunteer to help kids in India learn English – Connect with schools in developing countries for both cultural connections and educational benefits.

Skype has recently launched Skype in the Classroom, a free directory that connects teachers and helps them use Skype to enrich students’ educational experiences.


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